Project output

White paper

Developing a new qualified occupational therapy program in Ukraine: A needs assessment (English)


Leaflet about the new study program:
- frontview
- backview


Promotional video for the new study program

Conference Octobre 2021

Keynote speeches of:
Pierre Seeuws (head of the Belgian OT federation, Belgium)
Dr. Mattheuw Mouilineux (Australia)
Dr. Dominique Van de Velde (Belgium)

OT courses

All courses are in Ukrainian and English

Foundations OT I: course and exam
Models of OT: course
Interprofessional collaboration: course and exam
ICF: course and exam
Research: course and exam
OT assessments: course and exam
Foundations OT II: course and exam
Communication skills: course
Students assessment and internship: course
Social innovation, management and social enterpreneurship: course

New curriculum