Occupational Therapy Services in Schoolbased Practice for Children and Youth

On the world Occupation Therapy day, we would like to focus on Occupational Therapy services for children and youth. The position paper about this matter is now also available in Ukraine language. 

School is made up of numerous occupations which focus on learning activities (e.g. writing stories / essays, completing maths work, art, drama, history), self-care tasks (e.g. toileting, changing for sport, eating lunch) and school-leisure activities (e.g. playing in the school grounds, talking with friends, participating in organized groups). A lot of students are restricted from participating in school occupations as a result of the dynamic interactions between personal and environmental factors and the school occupations they want to, are expected to or need to, perform (World Health Organization, 2007) (UNESCO, 2009) (UNICEF, 2006). Global policy makers and influencers increasingly recognise the impact of occupation on health and wellbeing. (World Health Organization, 2002). This is also recognised by clients who emphasis valued outcomes associated with progress in day-to-day activities (e.g school work) (Maciver, et al., 2011). The World Federation of Occupational Therapists believes that inclusive education is a paramount and non-negotiable right. Moreover, occupational therapists are educated and skilled to work collaboratively to enable the participation of all students in the occupation and school environment of their choice as a part of occupational justice (Tuning Project Group, 2008) (World Federation of Occupational Therapists, 2010).


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