OT skillslab

Thanks to the international project Erasmus+ KA2 “UKROTHE”, the three Ukrainian Universities each managed to create and equip the Occupational Therapy (OT) skills laboratory. In frames of the project realization the equipment has been purchased and installed in the rooms specially prepared by the Universities.

Laboratory for training people with motor disorders

This area is equipped with tools and assistive technologies for positioning and mobility. Here there are:

• Universal bars for learning to walk with obstacles, which have 5 different positions.

• Orthopedic devices - verticalizers "Paramobile" and "Parapion", which combine static and dynamic functions.

• Wheelchairs: regular, multifunctional, with electric motor.

• Steel and aluminum rollers.

• Walkers with wheels, walkers walking.

• Crutches

• Sticks: ergonomic, quadropod sticks, T-shaped.

• Balancing boards.

Occupational therapy laboratory for training daily skills

An adapted occupational therapy kitchen has been installed and equipped. Here, the individual elements of the upper module are mechanically lowered to the required level and returned to their original position. The height of the cooking zone area is automatically adjusted to the set height by pressing the corresponding buttons on the panel. Individual elements of the lower compartments of the kitchen set are easily extended on wheels

Occupational therapy equipment of the adapted kitchen:

 • A set of adapted cutlery for those with limited flexibility or strength of the fingers or wrist. They are easier to keep than a regular cutlery. The angular design helps reduce the strain on the wrist during use. • Meat fork and kitchen grater with ergonomic non-slip handles for a natural wrist position.

• Various peelers: a peeler that can be fixed on a table or work surface so that you can peel fruits or vegetables with one hand; vegetable peeler with a battery for people with disabilities

• Opener for cans with ergonomic and thickened handle. (for people with less strength in the hands, for example, with arthritis, rheumatism, etc.

• Multi-opener for bottles with lids and bottles with drinks.

• A set of bottle openers and cans.

•Tin can openers;

• Combination of a cutting board on a sucker with a knife;

• Plates with a round board for those who tend to spill food due to poor hand control. These plates have a non-slip bottom surface.

• Manic inclined plate for people who have to eat with one hand.

• Clamping system for cans.

• Clamps for frying pans, pans, fixed with suction cups.

Occupational therapy equipment for training the skills of daily activity:

• a set of garden tools with easy grip, which have a very long handle, which allows you to use them in a sitting position without leaning. Which makes them very convenient for people who use wheelchairs or have limited mobility.

• a set of garden tools with ergonomic handles at an angle so that the wrist is in the position of least tension.

• A set of scissors, in particular:

• Plastic-based table scissors designed for use by people with limited grip, mobility or coordination. They can be used even with one hand.

• scissors with large loops, which can accommodate the middle, ring fingers and little finger, which gives an additional lever for cutting.

• Manicure scissors with a long handle give people with limited mobility the opportunity to trim toenails.

• Scissors with double control can be used for children who find it difficult to use ordinary scissors or people who lack strength or agility, poor visual-motor coordination or tremor. Scissors have a color coding to immediately determine whether right-handed (blue) or left-handed (green).

• Card holders for people with poor finger skills. The holder will keep them upright;

• Thickening, with which it is convenient to hold cutlery, pens, pencils;

• Foam writing tools;

• Holders for pens or pencils, which help to position the fingers correctly, prevent hand fatigue.

• Desk clamps;

• Iron for weakened hands;

• Magnifier with under the light;

• Devices for lifting small objects;

• Flavored dough blocks.

Examination tools, test systems:

• Pegboard development test. Manipulative dexterity test,

• The Purdue Pegboard Test, which measures the general movements of the hands, fingers and hands, as well as the dexterity of the fingertips, if necessary to perform assembly tasks.

• Starter Kit (Beery VMI) - Test for the development of visual-motor integration

• Materials for assessing Gross motor function (Test for assessing the level of motor disorders)

• Manual test of speed of manipulation "Minnesota"

• Semmes-Weinstein monofilament test to determine tactile sensitivity.

• A set to assess the strength of the hands

Adapted bathroom

The bathroom is still in the process of arrangement. There is already a bath, toilet, sink. Attached handrails over the bath and the toilet, designed for additional support and balance when getting up, additives.

• bath chair and shower with drainage holes.

• rail board for the bath, which allows you to sit while taking a shower. It provides a stable support platform for many elderly users or users with disabilities. Thanks to the slats with rails, water is not retained on the surface. An additional handle is available for additional support.

• Shower sandals that can be used to wash and clean feet without bending over.

• A tool for cutting nails on the tabletop, which is practical for people with limited mobility in one or both hands.

• Wheelchair with sanitary equipment.

• Trolley for washing bedridden patients, which is designed to transport patients from the ward to the bathroom and bathe them on it.

Adapted bedroom area

• Bed with electric motor complete with trapezoidal bed. Folding handrails are adjustable in height. The electric drive allows to adjust an angle of inclination of the main and foot section.

• The lift is mobile with the hydraulic drive for movement of people with steady loss of vital activity.

• Bed cane with organizer, which provides strong support when getting out of bed.

• Boards for moving or self-moving for people who need it. Have anti-slip pads for safety, Suitable for both front and side gears.

• Dual handle leg lift, which allows the user to lift the leg more easily.

• Means for wearing socks and stockings.

Laboratory for sensory & play activities, learning activities and crafting.

  • A set of touch balls for visual and tactile stimulation;
  • Multifunctional set of foam blocks "Builder".
  • Sand painting table
  • Touch tracks
  • Massage mats
  • Wooden set of building blocks
  • Arts and crafts
  • Interactive whiteboard
  • Flipchart, magnetic marker
  • TV.