Support from VIVES

Thursday morning, 24th of February we were all appalled by the news of the Russian Federations invasion of Ukraine. And as the days unfold, we want to show you, as part of the democratic and sovereign state of Ukraine, our support. VIVES wants to express deep solidarity with everyone who is the victim of this military attack. We stand united in condemnation of a senseless war, we stand united in calling for peace, we stand united for open and truthful communication and overall, we stand united for the declaration of human rights.

We are making decisions concerning the help for all victims of this attack, on short and long term.
Please accept this small token of solidarity and more is to come.

Over the past weeks and days, a wave of solidarity has been created to help both the Ukrainian students in our university of applied sciences and the Ukrainians on the run. In order to bundle all these initiatives, VIVES has set up a website for its students, staff and partners. (https://www.vives.be/nl/oekraine).

Relief goods are being collected in different places in the province of West Flanders and VIVES is supporting these collection actions. In addition, VIVES cooperates with many care institutions and hospitals in the province and wants to focus with them on the collection of medical equipment. Finally, we would also like to offer financial support to our various partners. Through the Province of West Flanders, we have been able to submit an emergency aid dossier for Caritas or Sambir-Drohobych Diocese and can thus count on financial support.

In addition, VIVES is committed to supporting the Ukrainian students in our institution wherever possible in terms of finances, housing, studies, ….  There is guidance from the different study departments and we do our utmost to provide them answer to all possible questions.

Through our partner "Care for the Blind Light and Love", who will provide a building for 30 families, both the Ukrainian students and the VIVES students will be used to support this shelter.

Also at the provincial level, VIVES is actively involved in a task force 'Protection and Reception of Ukrainians' to draw up together a structure for the fleeing citizens of Ukraine.

For our own students we provide training and guidance. They too have been shocked by the images and the stories of their fellow students from Ukraine. In VIVES we think it is important that this is adequately explained. Moreover, we are in close contact with the Ukrainian community in West Flanders who help us with this.

We hope, together with you, that this terrible situation will end very soon. If there is anything we can do for you, please let us know. We wish you lots of courage!

We stand with Ukraine!

Kind Regards

Joris Hindryckx
University of Applied Sciences VIVES