Train the trainer @ Bruges: short overview

UKROTHE train the trainer at Bruges, VIVES

From 26th till the 30th of September a train-the-trainer week was organized at the VIVES University of Applied Science in Bruges. The 26 participants were from the mentioned Universities (except Prydniprovsk Stage Academy), the rehabilitation center "Modrychi" and the Charity Fund "CARITAS" of the Sambir-Drohobytsk Diocese of the UGCC. Their visit enabled them to broaden their knowledge of occupational therapy through various workshops and field visits to various care institutions in the region.

The purpose of the visit was to take the acquired knowledge to Ukraine and to further develop a bachelor's degree in occupational therapy. An important point of attention that VIVES kept in mind in their training is to respond to the needs that will arise among Ukrainian occupational therapists as a result of the current war situation. 

The Ukrainians were very happy that they have finally been able to come to VIVES to get acquainted with the bachelor's degree in occupational therapy. They were impressed by the skills labs, didactical methods, adjustments tailored to people with disabilities and the way health care is organized in Western Europe. There was a great interest in the fieldwork visits during the train the trainer week. For example, a practical lesson module on experiencing being blind in Blindenzorg Licht en Liefde in Varsenare, a visit to the care ethics lab sTimul (VIVES campus Roeselare), a practical training in the Hospital AZ Sint-Jan in Bruges, a visit to VZW UNIEK and Ons Erf, to get information about the care for people with profound multiple disabilities.

Unfortunately, 1 of the Ukrainian partner universities could not send a delegate, Prydniprovsk State Academy is located too close to the war front. 

There was also a meeting between the province of West Flanders, Caritas and VIVES on the topic of the support of refugees at Caritas. Caritas has played a strong role in receiving refugees from the start of the war in Ukraine.

We look forward to the further collaboration within the project.