Train the trainer @ Bruges: programme

The programme of the Train the trainer programma in Bruges with pictures of all the activities.

Monday 26 september

Guided tour of Bruges with focus on daily integration of occupational therapy in a city.

Meeting between the province of West-Flanders and Caritas
Focus on the in service training with Caritas and Modrychi
Working on a case: not acquired brain injury and spinal cord injury
Workshop in the care lab

Tuesday 27 september

Workshop: Training in communication skills
Project management meeting
Lecture: The development of the profession Occupational Therapy after WOII and the added value of the profession
Q&A about the digital train the trainer courses
Workshop: Occupational Therapy tools (Semmes-Weinstein monofilaments, ARAT, Perdue pegboard,...)

Wednesday 28 september

Visit to VIVES, sTimul
sTimul is a care ethics lab that allows caregivers, executives and students from care and welfare studies to explore the perspective of care recipients. Based on stimulating experience methods and a reflection participants understand better the ethical aspects of care giving and care recieving.

Visit to XiNiX
The XiNiX project wants to give 'insight' in a life without sight in a creative way. Anyone who visits XiNiX will experience that we sometimes seem to rely only on our eyes, but other senses offer great added values as well. We got information about the guidance of people with vision loss to live an independant life by the use of helping aids, methods and strategies.
XiNiX is part of 'Blindenzorg Licht & Liefde'

Visit to AZ Sint-Jan - unit of physical rehabilitation

Thursday 29 september

Lecture: Occupational Therapy for wellbeing and health
Case: Physical rehabilitation
Case: Intellectual disability/development
Visit to UNIEK, ons erf
'Ons erf' is a facility with expertise in the field of care and support for adults with multiple intellectual disabilities. The clients need intensive support based on the principles of 'quality of life'.
Q&A about OT

Friday 30 september

Workshop: Application of techniques of BLL in real situations
Workshop: assessments (VMI, GMFCS, Photo interview, PEM/CY,...)