SPOTeurope is a student platform for occupational therapy students by occupational therapy students. The platform exists to encourage and increase OT student connection across Europe as well as ensure students voices are heard in the development of Occupational Therapy education.

Students can connect with other students to exchange experiences, opportunities, knowledge and ideas all through SPOTeurope!


On this website you can read blogs, mostly written by other OT students and they also encourage you to promote internationalization at your own university. 

Mission & Vision

Connect Occupational Therapy students across Europe in order to increase internationalisation through sharing opportunities, queries and perspectives.

Means to achieve:
a) Develop the online platforms for sharing Information such as a website, forum, interactive map, blog and social media sites.
b) Have a presence at events and conferences including but not limited to ENOTHE
c) Establish a SPOTeurope team, mini SPOTs and representatives at schools, universities and governing bodies across Europe.

Strategic Aim B
Create long-term, meaningful collaborations between ENOTHE and all Occupational Therapy students in order to include students in the future of Occupational Therapy education.