Preventive monitoring

On July 2 the UKROTHE project has undergone the first preventive monitoring conducted on-line by National Erasmus Office in Ukraine. Ivanna Atamanchuk and Kateryna Zhdanova have helped our team to evaluate the state of project’s realization, have suggested several useful solutions and pieces of advice. The monitoring started with the authorities meeting: Rectors Prof. Nadiya Skotna and Prof. Mykola Skyba, Vice-Rectors prof. Serhiy Afanasiev, doc. Yuriy Vovk, prof. Mykola Yokhna. In frames of the meeting there were shown presentations by Sharon Schillewaert, Natalia Zakalyak, Oleg Bazylchuk, Serhiy Rokutov. Other participants of the monitoring: stakeholders, academic and administrative staff of the universities, partners from Caritas and Modrychi.