Learning networks Ukrothe

Within the framework of implementation of Erasmus+: КА2 CBHE “UKROTHE” a learning network was installed at each Partner University:  Khmelnytskyi National University, Ivan Franko State Pedagogical University and the Prydniprovsk State Academy.

The coaching of the networks is done by NGO Oradea ( Belgium) who has more than ten years of experience in educational projects in Ukraine. 

The participants of this networks are teachers, students of the university  and doctors, ergotherapists of local medical centers, welfare organizations and  rehabilitation centers.

All participants have an important role in the implementation of a quality training of future specialist in ergotherapy in Ukraine:

-to provide information of occupational therapy in Ukraine

-to contribute to the recognition of the profession on state level

-to give input about the content of the curriculum and  the necessary equipment

-to increase students interest for the profession

-to organize internships

On regular base the networks organize work meeting with the  members.

During the first meeting participants thoroughly analyzed the results of a previous needs assessment to make sure that the curriculum takes in account the specific needs of the country. 180 students completed a questionary and 40 stakeholders from three oblasts of Ukraine took part in the research.

Participants of the meeting  were informed about fundamental conclusions of the first stage of the given project. It allowed to understand ideas and need of the parties that will be engaged in development and implementation of the new educational program, namely teachers, students, stakeholders, and representatives of governmental institutions. 

Participants of the work meeting concurred that engagement of stakeholders and government to the early stage of educational programs development enables to assure recognition of qualification of new students-ergotherapists by the government and future stakeholders after completion of studies.

During the second meeting  (February 19, 2021) of the learning networks of Drohobych Ivan Franko State Pedagogical University, Khmelnytskyy National University, as well as the Prydniprovsk Academy of Physical Culture took place.

This meeting took place on the invitation of Iryna Shustova Director  in Drohobcyh Inclusive-Resource Center.  

Olga Mangusheva, the head of USET the Ukrainian Society of Occupational Therapists, made a report on the formation and development of occupational therapy in Ukraine. The report arouse considerable interest and the listeners were given the opportunity to ask questions.

In the section on Establishing OT in Ukraine she informed that the National Service of Health of Ukraine is offering healthcare institutions 'rehabilitation packages' as reimbursement for services. Occupational therapists are an indispensable part of the rehabilitation team. Therefore, we have a situation now  in Ukraine where OTs are in high demand and there is a shortage of qualified OTs in the country. So, the conclusion here is that the government (within health care) has already created a number of jobs for occupational therapists. Further initiatives must be undertaken for institutions subject to ministry of social policy and education an science of Ukraine. 

Ivan Van Hulle

NGO Oradea