The importance of occupational therapy for people after TBI.

Vladislav, 19 years old, received a severe  craniocerebral injury as a result of an accident while driving a motorcycle (16.08.20). As a result, there was right-sided hemiparesis, aphasia, cognitive impairment.

At the time of admission to our center (22.09.20) Vladislav corresponded to the 7th level of the scale of cognitive functions Rancho Los Amigos. The activities of Vladislav's daily life were evaluated on the Bartel scale by 50 points. Vladislav needed partial help with morning hygiene (brushing teeth and shaving), partial help with eating (cutting food, spreading oil) and full help with dressing, undressing and putting on shoes. Vladislav's training profile was compiled to set goals and plan the intervention. This is an important aspect when analyzing experiences, habits, values, needs and interests.

Together with Vladislav and his mother, the goal of occupational therapy was set - in 3 weeks Vladislav will dress, undress the upper and lower body, put on shoes and perform personal hygiene (washing hands, face, brushing teeth, shaving).Much of the occupational therapy intervention was aimed at the activities of everyday life Vladislav. Daily life activity (ADLs) is a field of human activity that covers everyday life: hygiene (showering, bathing) and body care (shaving, hair care, using cosmetics, oral care, etc.), using the toilet, dressing , movement of body and objects, use of aids and care for them (glasses, orthoses, adaptive equipment, etc.).We also worked on increasing the strength and amplitude in the right upper limb. Improving cognitive functions - exercises to improve attention, thinking, logic, speech, visual and constructive skills.

 At the time of discharge, Vladislav's goal had been achieved. Vladislav corresponded to the 8th level of the scale of cognitive functions of the Los Amigos Ranch. The activities of Vladislav's daily life were rated on the Bartel scale at 100 points. Vladislav dreams of opening his own car repair shop, we hope he continues to confidently walk towards his dream.

 Occupational therapy is about the value and dignity of every life!