Feedback conference

On October 21-22, 2021, the participants of the UKROTHE project together with the Ukrainian Society of Ergotherapists (chaired by Olga Mangusheva) and the National University of Physical Culture and Sports held an international scientific-practical conference "Occupational perspective on health in education and practice of occupational therapy".

We send a questionnaire to all the participants with a few questions. 
In general, we saw a very positive story among the 45 respondents who completed the questionnaire about the conference. All closed questions (about the organization, new knowledge, relevance, inspiring for practice and integration in the own practice, were answered with 'Rather agree' and 'Completely agree'. A large majority indicated 'completely agree' (89% on organization, 78% on knowledge, 76% on relevance, 67% on inspiring for practice and 71% for integration in practice.) The tips/questions were also extremely positive.